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Fred Gorski aka Rain Storm is a fiercely out, gay, pagan crossdresser, born and raised in Staten Island - the most conservative borough of New York City. Drawing on his experiences as a drag performer in the 70’s and his skills a licensed hairdresser and cosmetologist he created Fairplay, a crossdressing salon like no other. Inside his 22-room victorian house overlooking the Verrazano Bridge Rain transforms his clients appearances from head to toe, helping them to fully express their female selves.

Rain founded Fairplay after the tragic loss of his long time partner from HIV/AIDS left him heavily in debt and with his once thriving hair salon in financial ruin.
Armed with a surplus of wigs, beauty supplies and closets full of clothes Fairplay evolved from offering basic services to crafting full fantasy worlds. Rain and his staff pluck, tuck, dye, corset and coax the female side out of his clients no matter how modest or outrageous. Even the most unpassable crossdressers blossom under Rain’s loving direction - to his clients Fairplay is a sanctuary and Rain is their godmother and guide.

Having attracted the attention of Entertainment Tonight, the Playboy Channel, NY1, the New York Times, The Village Voice and Time Out magazine over the years, Rain’s salon is the centerpiece of this new documentary. “The Godmother” goes behind the scenes to reveal a world where men find relief from the demands of their workaday lives by indulging in the rituals of donning make-up and dressing en femme. At Fairplay nothing is off-limits and everyone is free to enjoy the gender-bending “wonder of fantasyland” free from judgement.

Crossdressers and transvestites have been reviled and misunderstood by mainstream culture and are often regarded as outsiders within the LGBT community. Not queer enough for the gay community, too gay for the straight world, living in the shadows between the two crossdressers of all sexual orientations straddle many worlds but belong to none.

Fred's life story and the portraits of his staff and clients shatter preconceptions by representing gay, straight, young, old, blue-collar, professional, closeted and out. Here the lines of gender and sexuality are blurred in stark contrast to the surrounding status quo where they are anything but fluid. “The Godmother” puts the beauty of these multi-faceted personalities center-stage in all their complex reality and captures the dynamic and indomitable spirit that is Rain Storm. Glamorous, tough, funny, sexy and above all a survivor, walk into Rain’s salon and walk out transformed.

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