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Film Fatale Productions is a female creative team committed to working on film & video projects that examine/explore/depict/deconstruct modern concepts of gender.

Founded by Director Jeanine Corbet and joined by Producer Sally Polizzi, Film Fatale is currently in production on a new documentary .

Jeanine Corbet is a self-taught filmmaker who began working in Super-8 and video using experimental techniques to portray subjects that originated from her work as an activist in the early 90's. Her body of work has addressed such subjects as women's relationship to violence, the sex trade, street harassment, vigilantism, teen pregnancy, reproductive freedom and female fighters. She directed produced and edited several videos for the NYC all women punk band the Lunachicks - her video for the song "Edgar" ranked #1 on the CMJ chart for best rock video upon its release. She has also created promotional videos for "the Eggmobile" a latin rock opera and "Kurland Bonica and Associates" an LGBT law firm.

Sally Polizzi is a graduate of CUNY College of Staten Island with a degree in cinema studies. She received the Cinema award and won first prize in the CSI student film festival for her piece "Any Way the Wind Blows" which deals with the issues of the hearing impaired and their struggles to fit in. Sally has worked on many independent films including "The Last Film Festival" directed by Linda Yellen and "The Greatest" directed by Shana Feste. She also directed a live presentation of "Box the Compass" an original play written by Beth McNelis.